Ways To Avoid Car Accidents in California

Thousands of people are seriously or fatally injured in car accidents each year. In order to avoid becoming a part of this statistic, it’s important that you have a better understanding as to the common reasons why vehicle accidents occur in California. We would like to provide you with some tips in order to help you try and avoid these types of incidents. While we are an experienced Costa Mesa personal injury law firm, we certainly care about protecting our clients and want to ensure their safety as they hit the roadways of our beautiful state.

Avoid Driving While Under the Influence of a Substance

Alcohol and drugs are a major contributor to fatal accidents. This is a point that is driven home all the time, but in order for you to avoid being fatally injured in a car accident, it’s important you don’t drive while under the influence. Make plans to have a designated driver, or call a cab if you can’t drive safely home.

Failure to Use Your Seat Belt

Yes, it’s the law. And no, it won’t prevent a car accident. But wearing your seatbelt will increase your chances of remaining alive after an accident, and reduce the chances of severe injuries as well. Make sure children are properly restrained as well.

Try and Limit Distractions

Distractions aren’t limited to cell phone use. Radio changing, applying makeup and even eating will all contribute to distracted driving and subsequent accidents. Remain focused on the road at all time, and this will allow you to better react when you come upon a dangerous situation.

Obey the Speed Limit

All too often we read in the paper that the cause of a deadly accident was speeding. Driving too fast reduces your reaction time and increases your braking distance, making it harder to avoid danger or an accident.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, contact personal injury attorneys in your area immediately. Find an experienced team who wants to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.